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Although we are not addictions counsellors, as criminal defence lawyers, we can see from a mile away drug addiction in the form of boys (Justin Beiber and Rob Ford) behaving badly. Don’t get us wrong, some young men go through stages when they misbehave because they are constantly doing drugs and/or alcohol. However, when they can’t stay out of trouble, they more than likely have addiction issues. We would estimate that in more than 50% of the cases we defend, our clients were drunk or under the influence of some drug, such as cocaine or crack cocaine at the time the alleged offence took place, or in other cases were committing crimes to support their addictions. Indeed, some of these offences may include trafficking or possession for the purpose of trafficking in an illegal substance.

Justin Bieber and Rob Ford – Addiction problems?

Rob Ford and The Beib can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight, and, guess what: it usually has something to do with drugs or alcohol–cocaine, crack, marijuana, alcohol- choose your vice. When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you will consume them most of the time, and they will seriously interfere with your life. When the line between work and play is blurred, you have an obvious problem. It doesn’t matter whether you save the tax-payers money, or you make the young girls scream, the demons will eventually take over.

Treating Addiction

In our criminal defence practice, we have observed that treating addiction usually involves intensive therapy and counseling that explores the causes of addiction, causes which are often rooted in one’s past. Frequently, abusing drugs or alcohol is a form of self-medication for depression or other mental illness. We have access to a number of highly qualified professionals whose goal is to assess and treat the addiction, and to provide us with a report for the Court’s consideration.

The Best Criminal Defence

Our primary goal is to obtain for our clients the best possible result in the criminal allegations they face. To us, this means obtaining the withdrawal of all charges or a finding of not guilty at trial. When such a result is not possible and we represent a client with a drug or alcohol addiction, we strive to obtain the very best sentence for them under all the circumstances. Fortunately, judges are usually sympathetic to accused persons who obtain help for their addictions and may well incorporate our suggestions for treatment in any orders they make. If you think about it, although we are embarrassed by The Beib and Rob’s behaviour (we are, after all, from Toronto, Canada), in the end, we hope they get help with their addictions. Justin has already run afoul of the law, which may result in his being barred from entry to the United States or perhaps encountering other immigration difficulties. If Rob Ford keeps it up, it is inevitable that he will be facing criminal charges, as his bad and highly visible behaviour will escalate and law enforcement officials will react accordingly.

If you or a loved one is charged with a criminal offence, and has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, contact the Criminal Law Team for a free consultation.

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