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Dear Mr. Hebscher: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you ever so much for your great professionalism and humane service to me at a time of profound confusion and in dire need of legal counsel. From my first introduction via telephone, your voice made me feel comfortable. Dealing with you from the beginning to end kept me reassured I was in good hands. The final outcome of my court case, which was “withdrawn” confirmed that I truly had a good lawyer on my side and it was your advocacy that convinced the crown. I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of an excellent criminal lawyer. Once again, I thank you and God bless.



Dear Mr. Hebscher: I wish to commend and thank you for your recent handling of my friend’s court case. Your compassionate and thorough scrutiny of the circumstances lead to a withdrawal verdict. Thank you so much. I was most impressed and should I ever be in a similar serious situation you will be the first person I call. Again, you represent all the good side of lawyers.


Toronto, ON

The day I found Mr. Hebscher online and spoke with him I realized that he was the lawyer for my case. His tone of voice and the way he listened showed he genuinely cared. Mr. Hebscher insisted on me coming in and paying the initial deposit to review my lengthy disclosure but I was very confident in his abilities just from the brief talk we had on the phone so I hired him immediately. Mr. Hebscher reviewed my case thoroughly and in a timely matter and had everything expedited so I could avoid a 5 day trial which would have resulted in a hefty lawyer bill. Overall, the case was dealt with fairly and I would definitely recommend Mr. Hebscher to anyone seeking a criminal defence lawyer.

Thanks again for your services.

M.A. from Toronto.

Mr. Hebscher, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and efforts on behalf of our son. We were faced with an unexpected and unnerving situation whereby our son was arrested for being in possession of a stolen bicycle. Although he made a poor choice of who to associate with, he did not deserve to be charged for holding onto what he thought was a friend’s bicycle. Your patience and experience provided us the direction and confidence to deal with the situation and help our son take responsibility for his poor judgement. We feel strongly that your advocacy was what convinced the crown to drop the charge.

Steve L, Toronto

Before I began working with Mr. Stephen Hebscher, I spoke with two attorneys in different fields and they both suggested me to take my case to an experienced lawyer in the criminal law field. They had advised me with a high level of confidence to see Stephen.

In my case, I was agreed to be a surety for a friend who had been arrested twice. My limited knowledge about the law and the way my friend abused my trust raised a criminal case against me. I was charged with Disobey Court Order, Accessory After the Fact, and Attempt to Obstruct Justice. The stress and pressure of these charges was too much for me to handle and affected all other aspects of my life. In my first meeting with Stephen, all my stress and worries were gone and I felt that I shouldn’t be worried about the result anymore. His first words were to help me to release this stress and pass me the confidence that I will win this case. I knew then my case was in the right hands to be dealt with.

Throughout my relations, Stephen continually exhibited tremendous amounts of legal knowledge, skill, and a vast reservoir of expert resources. He was very detail oriented and always prepared with a complete understanding of my case. He always replied to emails and phone calls very fast with the same confidence tone.

All of my charges were withdrawn!

I was so satisfied with Mr. Hebscher’s services and it would be my pleasure to recommend Stephen to anyone else that is unfamiliar with the legal system and needed a good criminal lawyer. I know the kind of service he gives and I know they would not be disappointed.


H.B., Brampton, Ontario

My case was Sexual Assault, where Stephen Hebscher was my attorney.  Stephen’s job was impeccable. Although there were some pictures and evidence supporting my points the way Stephen put them together and presented was absolutely professional and in absolute right time and a right place.

I have barely heard of any lawyer who defends his client with such full passion and energy. Stephen’s job was great. I like to thank him for what he did as he deserves the best of what his career could possibly bring to him.

I had another legal issue in past years where my lawyer was sitting back and letting the flow of events in my trial take over. He had asked me to plead guilty, but I didn’t want to, as there were other options where he could have defended me!

Stephen walked in my trial and defended me knowing that he would win the case. Stephen’s courage and energy is such that I felt very confident in my whole 2 day trial. His knowledge and advice that he was giving me during my trial, his reasoning in explaining to me that I didn’t have to say anything, was stunning.

Stephen’s cross-examination was great.  He made her look real bad on the witness stand. She looked like a real liar!

I had interviewed 12 lawyers before getting lucky and finding Stephen Hebscher. When I met him the first time, the questions he asked me, were indications of his proficiency in what he does. I strongly suggest to you that if you have a legal case, and you are lucky enough to find Stephen Hebscher, don’t hesitate. He is the man to stand by you until you win your case, and you will walk out after being found “not guilty” from your trial.

F.C. from Toronto, Ontario

We were referred to Stephen Hebscher when our child was in need of legal representation.  He was charged with sexual assault. We were guided through the Youth Justice System (Youth Court) with the support and guidance of Mr. Hebscher’s legal expertise. As parents, we were quite frightened for our child but Mr. Hebscher was the calm voice of reason. He explained everything about the legal process in a clear and concise manner, answered all of our questions and got to know us as a family. Stephen Hebscher also connected us with other top quality counseling services to help our child. We are very grateful to Mr. Hebscher for the excellent results he got for our child, as the charges were dropped. Mr. Hebscher supported our family every step of the way and we are more than pleased to recommend him.

J.N. Toronto, Ontario

It’s my honour to write a testimonial for Stephen Hebscher,  I would highly recommend him for any criminal case, mine involved being charged with a 400 plant grow op. I was charged with that, possession with the intent to distribute, and possession proceeds, I took a plea deal and pleaded guilty only to the possession charge. It was my first offence but with the new bill C-10 being passed I considered myself very lucky and my conditional discharge resulted in a report once only probation period of 12 months. When I moved even the police didn’t believe me and tried several times to make me go in to the station and report, I threatened to call my lawyer and someone finally looked and said oh you’re right. When Stephen says something to you, you feel a connection, listen and do exactly what he tells you because he’s always right.

He was kind, compassionate, intelligent, encouraging and a stickler for details, I was very impressed with his courtroom appearances, and manner, he truly was a blessing. He went above and beyond in helping me since I wasn’t accustomed to the way it all worked, I felt like a fish out of water with a hook in my mouth which he removed as painlessly as possible and set me free. I never doubted his abilities for one second for he is number one in my books and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again for any criminal matter should the situtation present itself. He’s punctual and always shows up never stressing you out wondering…is he going to show up. If he couldn’t make it his partner Bruce Karten would replace him, they work very well together and with their combined experience they will get the job done right. The outcome he got for me was nothing short of miraculous, he truly is the best and is very much appreciated and respected by me.

Robert L. Mississauga, Ontario

I went through a rough time during the summer of 2010. I managed to be charged with a crime. This being my first offence I was not sure where to go so I looked and found Barrister Stephen Hebscher I introduced myself and my case and after listening to all details he was able to ensure me that my case would go well. All charges against me have been thrown out and my life is back to normal.

Blair H.
North York

My experience working with Mr. Hebscher went extremely well, and I would recommend his services to any of my friends and family. I was facing pretty serious charges, even though I was actually the victim in my case, and the best anyone could tell me was that I would get a peace bond. I had spoken to four different lawyers before meeting Mr. Hebscher; all of them said the odds were against me and the outcome looked bleak. Mr. Hebscher was the only lawyer who gave me hope and made me feel like I had a real fighting chance. I am extremely satisfied with the quick results that he delivered, and I am happy to say that he was able to convince the court to drop the charges against me and clear my name.

Tina M.
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Mr. Hebscher:

I have been acquitted! I was charged with Importing Narcotics, and you convinced the prosecutor to drop all of my charges. There is not enough words to express my appreciation for your effort, time, and hard work you have invested in my case.  Needless to mention, you are a good, experienced lawyer, who patiently answered my questions and concerns, and gave me your undivided attention at all times.  You worked on my case with your heart and soul.  That makes you a “ONE OF A KIND” lawyer.  I feel it’s my privilege that you have represented me.  Excellent job. Thank you.

Ahmed A.
Brampton, Ontario

Going through two years of being accused of a sexual assault charge Stephen H. Hebscher was a very supportive individual who didn’t pass judgment and was very understanding of what a horrible time in my life this was for me and my family.

During the trial Mr. Hebscher did a phnominal job dealing with the case. He really impressed me with the cross examination catching the “victim” in all of her lies, which had her changing her story a fewtime while on stand, this showed the Judge the truth in the matter.

He is a very professional lawyer who takes pride in his work and because of this the end result was the judge ruling me not guilty and I got my innocence and life back.

My family and I would like to thank you again Stephen Hebscher for doing a wonderful job and also being a very supportive man.

Chris. T
Scarborough, Ontario

Dear Stephen,

I would like to send you a short note thanking you for the success we had and being a true support figure through a very difficult time!

From the very first call while being detained in custody, on bail to the withdrawal of my alleged charges you were there anytime I needed you with questions I had. You very quickly arranged for me to be released on bail with respect to my charges of domestic assault.

Stephen Hebscher will take his time and explain all of your options and what is in your best interest and most of all keep you calm and assured!

I can truly say that he is a professional and caring lawyer from my experience and would urge anybody who happens to come across a situation, to contact Stephen Hebscher.

Again thank you


Our son found himself in a very difficult situation almost 2 ½ years now.  Someone who had been a very close friend charged him with sexual assault. Unfortunately, they were both intoxicated at the time, and the upshot was that he thought she had consented and she said she did not consent to having intercourse with him. Our son was completely distraught and chose to send the person in question a rather damaging (to him) text message.

It is completely due to Stephen Hebscher’s knowledge of the law, extensive experience with cases such as this, ability to maneuver within Ontario’s criminal justice system and wonderfully empathetic nature that our son is not in jail right now.  We will be forever grateful to Stephen for preventing what would have been a shattering experience for our son and our whole family.  Stephen – our deepest appreciation.


“I was very lucky that I made the right decision and used the services of Stephen Hebscher, and I very highly recommend his services for any criminal related matter(s).
He is very honest, straightforward and has several years of experience that gets the job done. He’s very approachable via phone, email or text message and is ready to listen to you at every stage of your case. In my assault case, he was able to get my charges withdrawn from the court: with no conditions and without going to a Trial. 
Overall, the experience was excellent and I recommend everyone to go to him especially if you’re from Toronto”.

What distinguishes Stephen is his understanding of how to navigate a system in order to help his client(s). Stephen was able to get me help for my mental health problems, and then present to the crown attorney a report as to my progress. The result was that the charge of criminal harassment was withdrawn.  He was also able to have my fingerprints and photographs destroyed. That’s progressive law.

I had serious charges against me, fraud over. I was not in trouble with the law before so I was very concerned about it. I attended court myself a few times and the last time I went the Crown wanted to set a court date for trial and was asking for jail if found guilty. I was recommended to Stephen Hebscher. After the first time going to his office he told me he would do everything he can to help me out. Over the course he had discussions with the Crown and was able to come to an agreement where my charge would be withdrawn in exchange for a small amount of restitution. I put my future in his hands and he took care of everything for me. I can’t thank him enough. I would definitely recommend him, he kept me informed every step of the way. He is a great lawyer!

A.C. of Toronto

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